A Cross to Bear: Religion and Homosexuality portrayed in Longford photographer’s work

The work of a Longford photographer has been selected to appear in the Centre of Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, USA. Shelley Corcoran was thrilled when she found out she got through the submission and judging process because of the high standard of the other
artists’ work.

The theme of the exhibition is Photography as Response, with an emphasis on artists having a responsibility to critique and inform the world, and Shelley’s subject choice of Religion and Homosexuality did just that.“I chose homosexuality and its connection with religion because I have very close friends that are homosexual and I have been brought up a Roman Catholic, which is very important to me,” Shelley explained.

“Most religions are based on the foundations of ‘love one another’, but due to maybe political or other influence, exclusion of certain people, such as homosexuals have been seen by the members of a particular religion. I want to focus on the religious teachings and quotes from religious figures both historically and nowadays that support religion as all-inclusive.”

For her artwork, Shelley positioned her models as a cross, symbolising ‘a cross to bear’, defined as ‘an unpleasant situation or responsibility that you must accept’.

“Exclusion may have been something some people had to bear in the past, but today, acceptance is the norm. With blue skies, sun shining and very much a contemporary look to my image, through the models and graffiti in the background, it gives the sense of positive change. The open space where I photographed it gives the sense of freedom and forward thinking.

“I am very excited to have my work displayed to an international audience in such an outstanding gallery as the Centre for Fine Art Photography,” she concluded.