Brian McCann

My name is Brian McCann and i am a Photographer from Longford.

I have had an interest in photography ever since i was a young child. I would always look at images in magazines and posters and think to myself, “wow, how did they do that.”

My curiosity grew more and more through years, to a point that, i had to try and create my own images that would “wow” people.

It was roughly 5 years ago, that i got my first camera (that wasn’t disposable) and began the learning process.

Throughout the years i went through a few more camera’s, (always upgrading to help achieve better quality) and multiple photographic courses, and it was a combination of that and the people i met along the way which has made me the photographer i am today.

So, to all of you who has made this experience unforgettable and fun,

Thank you.


Michelle Twomey

Michelle is an amateur photographer living in Lucan Dublin. She particularly enjoys portrait photography and experimenting with long exposure landscape photography. Contact details


Jessica Skelton

Jessica Skelton is a visual artist who uses the medium of photography to communicate her ideas and thoughts. She holds a Higher National Diploma and a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography. Her work questions the self, mortality and spirituality. It is self-expressive, part performance – part photography and it has encouraged Jessica to explore many issues and questions about the self and the everyday. Her projects can be viewed as individual works or as one continuos look into self-exploration.

Instagram: jessica_skelton_



Sally Martin

Hi, I am Sally Martin.I am delighted to be chosen as Photographer of the Month. I love photography and although I have been taking photographs most of my life. I really only got into it seriously a few years ago when my family bought me my first DSLR for my 50th birthday. I love all genres as you can see from the selection I have chosen but i would like to focus on Portraits.

I was also delighted to be chosen as one of the finalists in Expressions 2016/2017.

These are some of my favourite photos of which I have many. Enjoy.

Thank you all for listening and watching.


Gerry Blake

My name is Gerry Blake. I am a photographic artist based in Co. Wicklow. My favourite photograph I’ve taken is this one of De Courcey Square Community Garden in Dublin. It encapsulates all I wanted to say about urban farming in one image.


Aleksandra Ananica

Aleksandra is an amateur photographer currently based in Dublin and she likes to experiment with different styles of photography.




Naomhan Joyce

Naomhan Joyce is an Artist, Sculptor, Performer and Teacher currently based in Limerick, Ireland. Having trained as a performer for years, Naomhan has always had a fascination with the human body and its strengths/weaknesses. This is the driving force behind his work.

Naomhan’s art encompasses many disciplines including Sculpture, Photography, Video and Performance. His inspiration comes from his personal life and how he interprets his own issues and neurosis. Naomhan’s current work explores the male body in relation to space. He focuses on his own body in particular, placing himself into strange positions fighting against gravity. He bases his work in a domestic setting, inspired by the concept of the uncanny home or ‘Das Unheimlich’, a site of terror and anxiety. Through the use of the male body, Naomhan subverts the notion of the ‘woman trapped by the home’, comparing the concept of ‘maleness’ with the Latin prefix ‘male-’ a signifier for something abnormal or evil. The character is almost inhuman, an automaton manipulated by the invisible force of the home.

Naomhan is a graduate from the Limerick School of Art and Design with a BA in Sculpture and Combined Media. He is currently teaching aerial in the BA in Voice and Dance and the MA in Contemporary Dance in the University of Limerick.

For more information please visit


Anne Costello

Anne Costello Photography,  Roscommon.  I discovered my love of photography a few years ago and in particular Portrait and Fine Art photography.

I really enjoy the whole process of creating an image from an initial idea, styling, photoshoot and especially the final process of editing, as this is where you make your image stand out as your own.  I have chosen my image ‘Equilibrium’ as one of my favourite images for a number of reasons.

The model in this image is my daughter Sarah and she has been a huge part of my photography journey.  For this she had to lie in a bath of water and  milk conveying a sense of calmness and serenity, not an easy task when your cold and your makeup is running. My style of photography can be varied as I like to experiment and I am a strong believer that there should be no limit to creativity

I share  some of my work on Instagram, Facebook, flicker, Fine Art America  and have numerous images selected by Vogue Italia.


Deirdre Marie O’Sullivan

Deirdre Marie O’Sullivan is a creative photographer based in Dublin.She holds a diploma in Photography and a diploma in PhotoShop, has been awarded as an Associate with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and also distinctions with Irish Photographic Federation. Deirdre is a member of the Gallery of Photography in Dublin.


Stuart Mackey

My name is Stuart Mackey; All interests that include light heartedness. Currently studying Creative Multimedia at LSAD Clonmel. Am learning to be proficient in all aspect of digital media.

Contact can be via email or portfolio site:


Declan Gaffney

My name is Declan Gaffney. I am a Leitrim based portrait and wedding photographer.I love photographing people ,trying to show them at their best or in a different way. A camera gives you permission to approach almost anyone and the excuse to depart once the shutter is pressed.
Contact details.
Declan Gaffney, Breanross, North Mohill, Co Leitrim
Phone: 086 1573477.


Micheál Quinn

Micheál Quinn is a photographer currently based in the west of Ireland who specialises in Wedding, Fashion and Event photography. 

Phone: 0872287161
Instagram: micheal_quinn_photography