Launch of De-scribe

This week sees the launch of the latest and possibly the most innovative creative writing project to emerge from Longford County Arts Office. The Describe project demonstrates new and exciting methods of developing creative writing both with children and adults.

The project techniques have been designed and piloted over the past three years in primary schools and public libraries in County Longford and according to Fergus Kennedy Longford county Arts Officer the reaction of parents and teachers to the project has been overwhelmingly positive with a total of 35 primary schools participating in the project. Schools are already incorporating the describe approach into their toolbox for creative writing and “Author and Scribe” family writing sessions, using the Describe method, are established, regular events in branch libraries.

The creative / educational process draws on a scribing technique which, according to Chris Thompson who has designed the technique and facilitated the project, “takes a partnership approach to creative writing. It is a technique that allows very young, reluctant or disadvantaged children to develop literacy skills creatively and enjoyably but it has many other appropriate applications for adults and children working together”. Scribing involves one person, acting as active listener and recorder of the author’s orally recounted story.

Fergus Kennedy points out that; “the beauty of the techniques developed through the De-scribe project is that it is flexible enough to be applied in a wide variety of contexts from the formal group context of a school room to the informality of a family kitchen. Because the project offers the means through the attractive and original user-manual and multi-media CD-ROM, to train interested adult facilitators or Scribes, and provides all the resources necessary to begin Scribing, the process is highly cost-efficient and thus sustainable over time.” Resource materials are included on the CD-ROM.

View a demo of the De-Scribe CD-ROM