Shelley Corcoran presents a series of multimedia tutorials which are very useful for beginners.

ISO Settings

This lessons topic is ISO settings, what ISO speed is, how and when to change it and the photographic results when different ISO settings are used.

Shutter Speed

This lessons topic is Shutter Speed, what is it, how to change it, when and what to change it to and the photographic results of using different Shutter Speed settings.


This lessons topic is Aperture settings, what it is, how and when to change it and the photographic effects different Aperture settings can give.

White Balance

This lessons topic is White Balance, the settings and how to change them, when to change the settings and its visual effects on your photograph.

Rule of Thirds

This lessons topic is the Rule of Thirds, how and why it is used and the results using it has on the final photograph.


This lessons topic is composition, how to create a more aesthetically pleasing photograph.

Long Shutter Speed

This lessons topic is on Slow Shutter Speed, when it is necessary to use it and the effects it gives to the photograph.

Portrait or Landscape?

This lesson discusses the reasons for framing your subject in Portrait or Landscape