• Slide 17 – Granard 10 10
  • Slide 2 – Alan McGonagle – Psychotic Episodes
  • Slide 14 – The Awakened Life
  • Slide 8 – Vona Groarke – X
  • Slide 10 – Heartland
  • Slide 7 – Mary Melvin Geoghegan – Bright Unknown
  • Slide 7 – Mary Melvin Geoghegan – Say It Like a Paragraph
  • Slide 12 – Eurochild
  • Slide 15 – Describe
  • Slide 4 – Breda Sullivan – After the Ball
  • Slide 4 – Breda Sullivan Sculpture
  • Slide 1 – Edward Denniston – Interacting
  • Slide 18 – Colin Carberry – Green Table
  • Slide 3 – Belinda McKeon – Solace
  • Slide 16 – From Beatrix to Harry
  • Slide 1 – Edward Denniston – The Scale of Things
  • Slide 7 – Mary Melvin Geoghegan – Abbeycartron Epiphanies
  • Slide 1 – Edward Denniston – The Point of Singing
  • Slide 9 – Noel Monahan – Where the Wind Sleeps
  • Slide 4 – Breda Sullivan – A Smell of Camphor
  • Slide 7 – Mary Melvin Geoghegan – When They Come Home
  • Slide 13 – Out of the Shadows
  • Slide 11 – Loose Leaves
  • Slide 6 – Margaret Nohilly – April Promise
  • Slide 5 – Lorne Patterson Bad Blood
  • Slide 5 – Lorne Patterson – Witch


loose leaves

Loose Leaves

A collection of Poems and Short Stories by writers from Longford.

loose leaves

Getting Published

Caroline Barry introduces you to seven practical tip to having your work published

loose leaves


This is a collection of the work of fifty-six Longford born or based creative writers



A collection of readings from the debut novel of Longford based writer Belinda McKeon

Welcome to Virtual Writer

Did you know that Longford has more creative writers per head of population than anywhere else in Ireland?
Virtual Writer is Ireland’s longest established creative writing website – we launched in 2002. We provide creative and professional development support to Longford writers. We are a ‘shop window’ for Longford literature. But we also welcome contributions of poetry and prose from writers all over the world.

Why not browse our site, spend some time in our library of original poetry and prose, enjoy our multi-media clips of literary readings and avail of the benefits of our creative development video workshops and talks?

Should you feel inspired, feel free to submit a piece of your own writing for all the world to read and enjoy.


Report from Alan McMonagle Book Launch

The launch of Alan's book Ithaca took place in Backstage Theatre recently.

View more video from the book launch

National Poetry Day 2017

In Longford we enjoyed a relaxed informal evening of poetry by some of our many local poets.

From the Archives: An Online Interview with Emma Donoghue from 2002

An Online Interview with Emma Donoghue took place on the Virtual Writer website on April 23rd, 2002. Emma was somewhere in France.. read more

Valerie Master’s Powerful Spoken Word Pieces

Two powerful poems by the Ballymahon poet Valerie Masters dealing with the dark subjects of domestic violence and the silent pain of sufferers... read more

A Pilgrim's Progress - A Review of Meadow of the Spell by Rose Moran

Celebration. This is one of the first words that comes to mind after reading and reflection upon the poems in Meadow of the Spell, Rose Moran’s third published collection. Some other words that quickly arrive include beauty, nature, colour, fragrance. Mountains, rivers, trees, stones. For here we have a poet who takes delight in bearing witness to the physical world about her. .. read more