Feeling 15 at 50

Author: Joanne Ramilo-Cantiller

Last (but futile) attempts at recapturing a mature woman's giddy adolescence

It’s fun! You never really outgrow it. You just sweep it behind a dusty curtain which you open surreptitiously when no one else is looking. You take a peek once in a while to reassure yourself that the teen-ager is still there. Deep inside this creature with a creased brow and unsightly bulges, is a young girl whose day is made with a special someone’s smile! In place of the champion who is thinking of how to change the world is a flirt who would rather think if her change of hairstyle will get the boy to take a second look. Beneath the serious mien when deep in discussion with him is a giggly adolescent who is really thinking of how sexy his voice sounds when he says her name!

Would I want to be 15 again? Maybe, with my 25 year-old dreams, my 35-year-old body, my 40 year-old spunk and my soon to be 50 year-old soul!