Something I see Everyday

Author: Sreejita Deb

A general essay and an exercise in creative writing , writing a paragraph without any fullstops.

Well, I see quite a lot each day, depends actually, on a number of factors, whether it’s a holiday or not, whether I am making my journey to university or not, then again if we talk in the abstract-there are certain things I see everyday and if we talk in concrete generalizations, there are things I see everyday too:I could exemplify the phrase concrete generalization by food, everyday I see food, some of it wasted, some of it relished, for that matter I also see the absence of it, on people’s faces, and more importantly on their malnutritioned selves, so its not only the presence of an object that we see, but its absence, as well, I find my reader questioning me at this stage …aha questions are also something I see,everyday, huge question marks on the graffiti on walls about politics, questions on the faces of people about where their next meal is going to come from, questions in newspapers about why the nation is going where it is, I leave a question for your perception at this stage as to what direction that actually is,to come to the point there are questions on the face of a young girl comparing the merits (or demerits) of outfits (in place of outfits, you could place options for a date, a place to eat out, lest I mislead you into an impression of the youth of today as callow and irresponsible I hasten to add, and quite truly in fact, career options, pressure of homework undone)the list continues just feel free to make your own combinations and hence arrive at your own conclusions, conclusions ,”the very word is like a bell” though how many of those I see everyday in my indecisisve life, is unfortunately a question again in its entirety is it that you just need the eye to see? I don’t know… ultimately what I do see is the world where forces balance out each other, where sorrow and joy exist side by side, everyday I see people eking out existences, some living, some smiling some crying but living through it all, everyday I see people sleeping secure in the knowledge of a better tomorrow, everyday I see a new day.