Why Can’t We All Be Equal

Author: Leah Van Proosdy

Feminism and why more women should embrace it. So many feminists get it all wrong.

Okay, I’m the first person to admit it. I’m very pro-feminist. I think sometimes we feminists get a bad rap for things. Alot of women think that being a feminist means giving up part of the basic nature that makes women, well women. I can see where their misconception may come into play. But I can tell, you that by embracing your feminine side you truly know what it means to be a woman in your own right.

This may not make alot of sense to you. But I am not the type of feminist that you would never see at a burning of the bras. Actually I truly prefer to wear a skirt or a dress vs. jeans or slacks. So how do I embrace feminism? By being a woman in my own right.
I think for myself, I do what I want, I wear what I want to wear, all in proclamation of myself. How many of us clamor for equality, but then let me ask you how many of us truly want to be equal in our own right? I can think of a few people in my life who say that they’re feminists, yet ultimately let men rule the day. How many of us are like that? I know I’m not one, and you don’t have to be one either. A man in your life doesn’t mean you as a person need to be snuffed out. Rather the opposite is true, you are your person, and as part of couple what you bring to the relationship is your own brand of uniqueness. Don’t be afaid to stand up for what you believe in.
I’ve been told once or twice, that I have a certain quality that sets me apart from many women of my generation. It is my desire to be a man’s equal. And I don’t mean that in a men are bad kind of way, but in the sense that alot of people see being born as female to be a handicap. The first day you’re born and already we think we have a handicap. But I see it as a wonderful oppotunity to prove to the world and to yourself, that being born a girl is not a handicap, but rather a privilege that men will never be able to enjoy.
So I think we as women need to join together to embrace all that it means to be a woman.

FYI: The things I’ve done to prove to myself that I am truly a woman of substance.
I signed up for the draft. If men are required to why aren’t women. Women should be just as proud as men for the right to defend the counrty, and it shouldn’t any loger just be a man’s duty to fight for HIS country, but an honor for all citizens to fight for anyone who dares cross our path.
Made several so called feminists very angry at me when I said they wanted to be men, instead of wanting to be men’s equal was not the same thing.
When I wore a dress to own feminist rally, and everyone else wore pants. Why not feel like a woman, proud and beautiful instead of trying to don men’s garb and hide the fact we are women.
I have a boyfriend who lets me be who I need to be without trying to hold me back. He appreciates that I don’t need my hand held for every little task, and that I don’t feel I have to hold onto him in fear of losing of him.