Reflections in a Tar Barrel

By Jack Harte

The Longford Arts Office were recently associated with the launch of Jack Harte’s new novel “Reflections in a Tar-Barrel”. Jack has strong Longford connections, having spent much of his childhood in Lanesborough. “Reflections in a Tar-Barrel” was launched on 3rd December 2008 in Longford Branch Library.

Reflections in a Tar Barrel was first published in 2007 in Bulgaria to critical acclaim and popular success. It explores the world through the eyes of a half-wit, Lofty, who thinks the Creator has dealt him a poor hand. He embarks on a campaign to thwart the designs of this same Creator combining the roles of hawker in religious goods and keeper of a mobile brothel in a tragicomic adventure that leads from the West of Ireland to Paris and Lourdes.