Three Short Children’s Stories

Story telling is a great way to engage children’s interests and creatively encourage active imagination. Two of these stories start with extra visual stimulus in the form of very special puppets but these engaging and amusing characters are not allowed to take over the story telling experience.

All the stories offer plenty of ideas to share after the story is told. These may be used inspire art work, or further story making. For example, If you had three wishes what would you choose. What might happen? Could you draw a super hero for your town or village? What special powers would be useful? Enjoy

Chris Thompson

 1. The Three Wishes

This is an old story that appears all over the world. Sometimes it turns up as “The Magic Flounder but there are many other versions. This telling will definitely suit the under eights who will enjoy meeting Sparky the genie and hearing about what happens when wishes go wrong. Downloadable follow-up work sheets will be available on

2. Bunnyhop and the Goblin

In this story, ideal for the youngest children from playgroup age to 1st class, the children get to meet Bunnyhop, the rabbit who lives in the Magic Hat. Bunnyhop shares one of his favourite adventures with the children and Chris tells how he got to meet a real goblin. This is a story that the children will lovee to tell again and again joining in with all the actions. Downloadable follow-up work sheets will be available on

3. The Ship that Sailed on Land

This is an old French folk tale but I like to introduce it as one of the first ever Super hero stories. It has some great characters and can be used to get children thinking and writing about what sort of super powers they would like to have and how they would use them. The story will appeal to a wide age range maybe five to nine years. Downloadable follow-up work sheets will be available on