Author: Jac Shortland

The nuns in primary school taught us that if we didn't have the time to say a 'proper' prayer, we could always just say a few Aspirations and we would be heard. These words and phrases, muttered under the breath, have stayed under my breath all my life.

You were a big part of my life
and I keep on
lighting the candles,
even if I don’t believe.

In stress, I bless myself.
In distress, I say
one Our Father,
three Hail Marys
and a Glory Be,
even if I`m not convinced.

If I`m struck down
by a lorry, or a stroke,
and some good soul
thinks to minister First Aid,
with whispered aspirations
in my ear,
I know I`ll be glad of it,
even if they`re only winging it.

And if I`m conscious it`s the end,
the devotions of a seven year old
will most likely issue out of me,
in synch with my dying breaths….

“Jesus, Jesus….You have come.
Jesus, I am now your home…..”
even if you don’t exist.