Moment of my Death

Author: Dolores Duggan


If I knew the moment of my death
Would I count the heartbeats.
Watch the goosebumps on my arm.
Look at the setting sun
Resplendent in the distance
Dying, behind gossamer clouds
Leaving tiny slivers of silver rays
To peep through
Air to ground.

Would I atone for all my wrongs
Stake my hands to the cross of guilt
Watch my life blood ooze by gravity
To the dry earth below,
Telling no tale of my life
But leaving a dark, red stain.

Think of my long dead mother Ann
Ravaged by disease yet beautiful in death.
Clinging to her last breath as if likened
To her first as she left her mother’s womb.

Wandering day from night.
Tears from a river.
Pain from pleasure.
Captured inside,
Caged like an animal
That is facing death.
Unknown enemy.
Unsung hero