Progenitor of Rome

Author: Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick

Some reflections on mythology

Maeve: progenitor of Rome,
daughter of the Sibhe,
guiding light of
women’s liberation.

You guarded the entrance
of the otherworld with
your femininity, beauty and
strength as you sated
and bewildered man.

Were you just
a female who dared
them to judge
Maeve or were you
the guardian of
our female spirit?

As a daughter
of Danu. You and your
brown bull sealed our
Celtic individuality.
But yet we bowed
to Rome’s bull.

Did you roar then Maeve,
or did you know Rome
would breed fools?
You now stand superior.

Our first liberator.
Are you still
fey-beautiful as you
guard the entrance
of the cave of cats?