True Masterpiece

Author: Sophia Flot-Warner

A vivid, colorful look at The Creator and His varied and artistic creations .

Daylight caresses the minions of color
In bloom the wildest of flowers
In flight, a jay of blue
A yellow jacket rides the howling wind
The splendor of God’s artistic hand stretches before us

The day explodes with life and vigor
In the pond a game of leapfrog
Rabbits chase invisible nymphs
An eagle spreads majestic wings and flies
The wonder of the Lord’s creativity soars above it all

Sunshine envelopes the land and her children
Ripples in the creek glisten brightly
Vipers sunbathe
A mighty cat stalks shade beneath the weeping willow
The might of God’s divine creations reigns undisputed

A fawn lies close to mother deer
Cob retreats to cozy den
Songs of birds end for evening
Night is drawing the shade for day
The gentleness of God’s artful hands fashioned all we see

Shadows grow across the lush green grass
Colors minions turn to gray
The jackal howls the moon’s grand entrance
Nighttime comes with stealth and stardust
The sparkle in the eye of our Father lights the heavens

God is an artist divine
The true Master from whose hands came creation