Unstable Time

Author: Patricia Byrne

Poem inspired by painting viewed at Limerick City Gallery.

Inspired by Michael Minnis’ DVD projection ‘Sunrise over
The Dnipro River’ at Limerick City Gallery, October 2007.

Frame I

I know this dawn scene is not a still
when an insect crawls across the screen
and pixels move at the edges of trees.
Layers of grey and taupe on water and sky.
Lemon light pushes from the east,
as if through stained glass.
Early morning figures move on-screen
and a silhouette walks towards me
in unstable time.

Frame II

I will turn my back on this shifting dawn,
walk to the butcher’s, buy a shoulder of lamb,
braise it for hours this Saturday afternoon
when time slowly inches. We will eat together,
switch channels between soccer and rugby,
two games at the one time, while we are here,
nowhere else.