Skills Development

Getting Published

getting publishedIn this video author Caroline Barry introduces you to seven practical tip to having your work published.  Caroline is a published author herself and her experience can be a valuable resource to people seeking to attract a publishing agency… view clips

The Awakened Life

awakened life“The Awakened Life”, launched in 2008, addresses important issues that arise in the writing of poetry and fiction.  For anyone who has ever wondered how writers find their inspiration and what process they go through to produce the finished work, this will provide a wealth of information, suggestions and advice… view clips

Creative Talk

creative talkUsing Role-play and drama to support writing in the classroom. Three, twenty minute, demonstration films With Chris Thompson Putting more of the “Creative” into creative writing… view clips

Writing the Short Story

writing the short storyThis presentation is aimed at those who are beginning to write short fiction and who are looking for some general guidelines.  It examines the individual components of the short story, for example, character, plot, setting, among others, and looks at how each of these elements work in practice.  Each point is illustrated through extracts from the work of contemporary Irish authors so the viewer can see clearly how the writer goes about achieving a particular effect.  Filled with practical advice, it is intended to ease the aspiring writer into producing their own short stories… view clips