Want to be a Writer?

In the following article, Longford novelist, Kathy Rodgers describes how she obtained her publishing contract.

kathy rodgersI’m still pinching myself! Years of rejected or ignored scripts, mainly for novels and short stories. Suddenly, somebody wants to publish my novel’ it’s a dream come true.

I have always wanted to write and for me that means disciplining myself and learning to ignore other distractions. I think it’s a good idea to read as many novels as you can in your specific genre so that you know what the publisher is looking for.

Getting started.

When I started writing ‘Misbehaving,’I had this idea of a married woman with a boring routine life having some fun. There were times when I loved escaping into the world of my novel it was more fun than my real life other times I wanted to pull my hair out because I would read over it and think it was rubbish.

Learning how to make it better:

I showed my work my work to Paul Perry the writer-in-residence at Longford Library and for me that was a turning point in my desire to bring my work full circle. I got guidance on how to:

  • Improve my work
  • Contact publishers and agents
  • Get some publicity, e.g local press such as The Longford Leader
  • Submit my manuscript for consideration

The title ‘Misbehaving,’ came from Paul suggesting that I could come up with something better than the original title and thanks to him I did. Joining my local writers group was also beneficial it was an invaluable source of support and constructive criticism. Due to my involvement with Paul and my local writer’s group, I have got the first chapter of ‘Misbehaving,’ published in the Longford Anthology Heartlands. The Longford Leader has also printed an extract from my novel.

Submitting to publishers and agents.

I sent the first three chapters of ‘Misbehaving,’ to Poolbeg Press in May, along with a synopsis of the whole novel and a short biography of myself. Poolbeg Press requested the full novel in August. The phone call I received from Poolbeg Press in October is something that I will cherish for a long time. I knew it had to be good news when they went to the trouble of phoning me. The editor said, Poolbeg was offering me a three book deal,and ‘Misbehaving,’ would be published in 2003. My response was a very simple thank you. She asked me what I was doing, as my young sons were very noisy in the background and I told her I was making buns. Her suggestion that I break out the bubbly remains on hold for the moment. I was advised to find an agent. After a few failed attempts I sent my manuscript to Geraldine Nichols from The Book Bureau. She agreed to represent me after she had read ‘Misbehaving’.

It would be unfair not to mention my family and friends who also took the time to read, comment and suggest improvements I appreciate their help.

Writing is what I love to do. I hope this account of my progress to date is helpful to other writers.

Kitty’s agent is:

The Book Bureau
Geraldine Nichol BA MA
7 Duncairn Avenue, Bray, Co. Wicklow
Tel: 01-2764996
Fax: 01-2764834
Email: thebookbureau@oceanfree.net

Interested in commercial and literary fiction only

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